Wednesday, October 7, 2015

One of those bloggers...

Agh! How did it happen? How did I become one of those bloggers. You know the sort. The kind of person who posts apologies for not posting more... followed by weeks or even months of silence and more posts promising to pick up the posting again soon.

All I can say is that the end of my maternity leave, I created plenty of posts, all set to auto-publish. Gradually... I've run out of material. Well, I've run out of things that are ready to go, I guess I should say. I still have plenty of ideas percolating. At least a few times a week, I think to myself, "I should write a blog post about that."

This little lady is keeping me very busy. And, I'm at a new job! Altogether, I find myself looking at my list of "rough draft" posts of book reviews that are looking increasingly dated and wondering if I just want to abandon my goals of posting so regularly for now. In years past, I've posted 3 times a week, and for one year, I even took up the challenge of posting something every single day. Looking ahead, I do have some good posts I'd like to share. But, I think I'm aiming for quality, not quantity, and so, I hope my blog readers will forgive me if those posts don't come like clockwork the way they used to.

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