Friday, January 29, 2021

New Year's Resolutions 2021


Wow. How the time flies. What a wild year. I'm still having flashbacks to when we were all making Barbara Walters jokes about "2020!" and we all had no idea what was in store.

Last year my resolutions were:

Read 52 books total
Read at least 12 ARCs
Read at least 12 "classics"

I completed reading 52 books - just barely! And, I'm ashamed to say, I ended up selecting some verrry short books that I could read quickly, just so I could meet the challenge. This year, I think I'll go with an even lower number, to give myself room to tackle some of those 1,000+ page fantasy novels I've been eyeing.

As far as reading more ARCs and more classics - I just wasn't able to keep track. I began blogging reviews, as intended, and then of course, you all know what happened.

Once the pandemic hit, I was working from home, homeschooling, not to mention being pulled in to work the Georgia polls which truly upended any of my plans. I'm glad I had the opportunity to work as a pollworker. It was a fascinating process, and a grueling one. I know I'll never think about elections the same way again.

And 2020 brought me to a new job, a cross-country move and new (much, much smaller and blessedly more affordable) house. It's truly been a transformative year for me and my family.

This upcoming year, my resolutions are:
Read 25 books. This will equal out to a little more than 2 books a month, should be very easy to do.

My other resolution is to try and watch 2 hours of television a week. I've never been a big TV watcher and there are a lot of great series I'd like to catch up on.

Some more vague and nebulous self-improvement ideas include incorporating more yoga into my life and work on learning some Spanish.

I know I'll be doing more gardening this year, for sure. I'm pretty confident that after a year of baking bread and cakes, I'm ready to give up on baking as a serious hobby (my waistline will thank me for laying off the cake, that much is certain!)

I had a routine last year of doing some mending every Sunday night. Nice way to end the week. I've been debating if I'll get back into it, although to tell the truth, I've been donating or tossing items much more these past few months (got to get rid of the clutter in my small place!)

What are y'all plans for 2021?

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