Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Felt Board Fun

I am especially proud of this felt board. I think it came out looking great with a minimum of effort. For the bears, I simply ran brown felt through our die-cut machine using a mini-bears template, which worked just fine. I drew their little bear faces with permanent marker. The bed is a simple square, the bedposts are glued on the back. I struggled for a long while, trying to come up with some kind of quilt-y blanket for them to more clearly indicate "bed" but, finally, gave up on that, and added the two pillows which I think do the trick just fine.


10 bears in the bed... and the little one said... "I'm crowded! Roll over!" So, they all rolled over and one fell out, 9 bears in the bed...

When I finish up the song, I count the bears back into bed, ...8, 9, 10... and the little one said... "Good night!" Last time I did a storytime with this, the kids thought it was hilarious that one of the bears ended up sleeping upside-down.

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