Thursday, June 25, 2009

To ALA or not to ALA?

I've been heavily debating whether or not to go to the upcoming Annual American Library Association meeting in Chicago.

I love to travel. And I love conventions, but... after weighing the vacation time I'd have to burn up to go, plus the travel expense, plus finagling the time off with my work schedule (one of my coworkers at my branch is on a committee, and without subs available it's rather difficult to accommodate having both of us go) I reluctantly decided that it was not to be.

Cue several weeks of wistfully mooning about all the great stuff that I'll miss. Exhibits room! Free Galleys and ARCS! Hobnobbing with fellow librarians, friends from library school, now far-flung across the nation! Schmoozing with famous authors! Mo Willems! Lane Smith! Marla Frazee! Kadir Nelson! Bookcart Drillteam World Championships! Invigorating and inspiring workshops, chock full of info and new ideas to bring back to my branch. *sigh*

With the city budget crisis, furloughs for the city have finally been approved. It's a depressing thought, to be sure, that the libraries will be closed on alternate Fridays. But, I couldn't help but think that every cloud has a silver lining. With a furlough day on July 10th, suddenly flying out to Chicago looked a lot more do-able. It's pretty last minute, but I started putting plans in place to go for it.

Ah. Aha. Until yesterday... when it was announced that further negotiations with the city unions means that perhaps we won't be having furloughs after all. So. It's lucky I haven't registered for the conference yet, eh? Luckily, my flight and hotel were all refundable or at least can be credited for use at another time.

Chicago's been on my list of "places to visit" for a long while.
Ah well... perhaps I'll make it in 2013.



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