Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Top 10 Beach Bag Books

This week's topic from The Broke and the Bookish is: Top Ten Beach Bag Books.

I'm going to shy away from recommending specific titles, and instead talk about the 10 types of books you should be carrying in your beach bag this summer. Here goes!

1) Romance - Light, easy, fun, spicy and sometimes a little ridiculous. Everybody should be reading at least one romance over the summer.

2) A Classic - Hey, maybe it's for required summer reading, or maybe your high school required reading days are far behind you, but everybody should be reading at least one weighty classic over the summer: think Dickens, Austen, Shakespeare or the like.

3) Narrative poetry - Most narrative poetry is fast moving and cuts directly to the emotional heart of a tale. Perfect for summer!

4) A Bestseller - Maybe, like me, you normally eschew bestsellers, seeking out more esoteric tomes. This summer, take the opportunity to read at least one super-popular book that everybody else is talking about right now.

5) Another romance - C'mon! It's summer! When else are you going to indulge yourself with a little brainless fun? Pick up a second fluffy romance book, right now.

6) A kids book - Maybe you don't normally read children's books. Summer's a great time to check out a nice, short book - some middle-grade fiction deals with surprisingly weighty themes.

7) A non-fiction book - I don't mean one of those non-fiction books that read like a novel. I'm talking about something with plenty of sidebar information and great photos and captions, ideal for simply scanning and glancing at while enjoying the summer sun.

8) A mystery or horror novel - What a great way to balance the summer heat! Read a book with thrills and spine-tingling chills.

9) Sci-fi - In the same vein, why not chill out reading a book that takes place in the sub-zero emptiness of space?

10) A book you've been meaning to read - Pick up one of those books that has been on your To Be Read list for just about forever. Summer is a perfect time to get caught up.

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  1. The cover photo you use for this post is gorgeous. (And thanks for giving the credit--so many people don't!)

    I like your approach this week, listing the types of books to read this summer.

  2. Thanks! I always try to give credit where credit is due!

  3. A healthy mix! This summer I am trying to balance my weightier selections with more fun ones (and vice versa).



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