Friday, June 20, 2014

Under the Never Sky review

Under the Never Sky
by Veronica Rossi
Harper Collins
January 2012

First line: "They called the world beyond the walls of the Pod the 'Death Shop.'"

In alternating chapters, Aria and Perry battle the elements and fight to be reunited with their families in an ecologically ravaged future. Most people live in cramped, climate-controlled Pod cities and amuse themselves by spending the bulk of their time in an immersive online virtual reality called the Realms. Those on the outside of the Pods live in unbelievably harsh conditions, subject to storms and cannibal attacks.

Aria has grown up in a Pod called Reverie, but decides to leave when she's worried about not hearing from her mother in a neighboring Pod for some time. Peregrin, known as Perry, lives outside the Pod in a region plagued with Aether storms. I kind of imagined them as powerful dry electrical storms with some sun flare like properties.  After Perry ends up escorting Aria through some dangerous territory the two of them have a fairly prickly relationship that simmers with tension. Aria and Perry's worlds are so different - they struggle to communicate over the most basic things. I loved the scene where Aria is relieved and pleased to reattach her optic eye, while Perry is horrified, but too polite to say anything at her cyborg appearance. The two of them don't realize that they actually have feelings for each other until fairly late in the game. The romantic ending leaves things well open for the sequel.

Compare to:
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I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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