Thursday, July 9, 2009

Makes it all worth while...

I recently got some thank you letters from students from some of the library tours I did for school classes this past year. Now that the school year is out, it's fun to look back.

This picture kills me. I like to finish up a tour with a story if we have time. Sometimes, to keep things exciting, I have the kids vote for which one we want to read. Here's a depiction of me at vote time. I like how I've been depicted with looong bendy arms, reaching to the books.

In this next piece of collage art, the 6-year-old student has depicted herself as a cool teen talking on the phone, while I am represented by a chocolate brown puppy.

Here's a quote from another one of the letters:

Thank you Man Madigan
for letting us in the library even ta tat that it is closed. x from Joshua
back plese
ta and letting us see
the books.

No, kids. Thank YOU! This is the kind of stuff that really makes my job so awesome.

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