Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random Interwebness

I find there's nothing that passes the time so well, as noodling about on the Internet.

Here are my latest discoveries.

Looking for something to read? This nifty website will come up with some suggestions for you. I love the olde-timey interface. The first several times I used it, the salutation was, "Oh Great Magician! I've just finished reading..." so I assumed that was the default, but it looks like there are various greetings you can cycle through. Really, it just pulls up a list generated from and, but still, points for style. Points for style!

Los Angeles Public Library already has a Series and Sequels database, of course. It's ultra-handy when patrons want to know which book comes next. But, I think the Kent District Library in Michigan may have one-upped us. They have a very similar feature on their website, which is easier to find, has a sleeker UI, and also includes (very important!) children's and teen fiction, which sadly, our database does not. Finally, our database was last updated in... 2004, I think, and Kent's looks more up-to-date.

And finally, someone on one of my listservs recently pointed me to this video:

I still claim to be deliriously unmusical, but I think that was pretty impressive!

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