Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pirates vs. Ninjas, Part III

During our most recent weekly Summer Reading Club meeting, I set our regulars to work on a puppet-making project.

For the pirates, we used this paper-bag project. I had some teen volunteers help me pre-cut the beards and mustaches. What I didn't expect was that most of the kids in our Summer Reading Club used multiple beards. These were some very hirsute pirates!

For the ninja puppets, I improvised something out of a toilet-paper tube. I wrapped it in black construction paper, added an oval for a face and a strip of white paper for a belt. The toughest part was probably the shuriken. I practiced drawing it a few times, and then cut it out. I glued it so that the pencil marks don't show.

I think he looks pretty sharp!


  1. You BETTER put all this on your summary report, Ms. M! But don't worry - I'm keeping you in mind as a resource person for coming up with fab ideas next summer...

  2. These kids are killing me! They come up with so many funny things. I couldn't resist the pirates vs. ninjas meme, but I didn't expect that the ninjas would be so runaway popular with them!



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