Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Harry Potter site

Bloomsbury has updated their Harry Potter website, and is offering a new edition of the entire Harry Potter series with new "Signature" covers.  I am enchanted, and seriously considering replacing my current mismatched set of HP's.  Gorgeous!  I am especially fond of the Dark Mark featured on the Goblet of Fire cover, but they all look terrific.  Check out the whole set on Bloomsbury's webpage.  They are beautiful, no?

The style looks a little bit retro, but reminds me somewhat of Rowling's Tales of Beedle the Bard illustrations, too (especially the glowing little stars).  The artist, Clare Melinsky says, "I was delighted and excited to be asked to illustrate the covers for such massively famous books—and seven of them! It was top secret for the best part of a year."


  1. Madigan, thanks for the book recommendation on my children's lit reading list!

    I hadn't seen the updated HP covers - interesting! They do have a retro look to them.

  2. Hi Anne, No problem! I like your blog!
    Yes, HP covers, I like these a lot better than the Mary GrandPre ones.



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