Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fiction > Reality Book Covers

Wow! I'll credit this brilliant idea for changing the way I think about book covers, forever. New cover that I don't like??? I'll design my own!

These are so brilliant and funny!

Started as an in-joke on Twitter, a graphic designer came up with this set of simple, colorful designs, along with instructions for how you can print this up at your local FedEx or Kinko's. They all carry some variation of, "Go Away, I'm Reading." What a great way to finally achieve uniform looking bookshelves. I think set 3 is my favorite, which offers, "At Hogwarts, BRB," "In Narnia, BRB," and "In Forks, Send Help," among others.


  1. But, now I won't be able to tell what people are reading -- that will drive me crazy, 'cause I'm nosy....

    Love these!

  2. You will if you know that fandom.
    Or you could just ask the person.... even though the book cover specifically says not to. :P

  3. Oh oh oh oh! I've never seen these before but I LOVE them.

    I especially like the 'Reading > Talking' one - perfect for busy trains!

  4. Hee hee. In Forks, send Help. I want that one.



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