Friday, March 22, 2013

My latest project: audiobook makeover

My latest project has been re-housing kids audiobooks.

Here's the before picture:

The main issue with these is that the plastic jewel cases crack easily. The discs fall out or get scratched. Also, most of our audiobooks are in larger cases, so these slim little numbers get lost or mis-shelved on our library shelves easily.

I re-housed all of these in larger, sturdier "clam cases."  This also puts the CD's in fabric and plastic pockets, instead of those snap-in plastic buttons. Much less chance of cracking or breaking this way. 

I designed this template myself. The other thing that's nice - for the staff I put a large reminder of how many discs to look for. When audiobooks get returned at the library, the first thing we have to do is quickly check and make sure all the discs are there - it's surprisingly common for people to leave the last CD in their car player!

Hurrah! I've been seeing these audiobooks circulate more already!

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