Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Guessing game felt board

I had so much fun with this felt board. I tried something new, and instead of doing a song or rhyme to go along with this activity, I just tried a discussion with the kids about what could be behind these mystery boxes.

I gave them lots of clues, such as: 
This animal is a mammal.
This animal has fluffy white wool.
This animal sounds like, "baaaa!"
What is it?

This animal is a sheep!

Here are all our animals, revealed. I think we had a lot of fun with this guessing game. Kids at my storytimes are super fond of animal noises, so even if they didn't guess with the other clues I gave them, they definitely had fun with our animal sounds!

This was a really fun and different dialoging exercise, and I'm really glad I tried it.

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