Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top 10 Bookish Things I'd Like to Own

This week's topic from The Broke and the Bookish is: Top Ten Bookish Things (That Aren't Books) That I'd Like To Own.

I know a lot of people will say, bookshelves, bookshelves and more bookshelves. Or, maybe some great bookmarks. Or book ends. I actually don't want any of those things. I'm trying to trim down on the actual owning of books. What I've always really wanted, and never have quite gotten around to, is a collection of bookish themed t-shirts. How great would that be? I could wear them to work, and be so comfy, but also look super dedicated to being a librarian at the same time. They'd be great conversation starters. I could look so literate and smart in a humble-braggy way. Yes! Sadly, I am terribly, terribly frugal and also, apparently, bad at hinting for presents, so I have never actually bought myself or been gifted any of these items. 

Here are 10 (count 'em, ten!) bookish t-shirts that I have my eye on.

1) Storytellers shirt from Threadless.

2) House Brawl shirt from Threadless.

3) Oz t-shirt from Out of Print.

4) Pride and Prejudice t-shirt from Out of Print.

5) Where the Wild Things Are t-shirt. I don't know who makes this shirt. And I never wear hot pink. But I want it!

6) Reading is Sexy t-shirt. Yes. Yes it is. Okay, I wouldn't wear this one to work.

7) Slytherin t-shirt. I need one of these.

8) Lord of the Rings t-shirt. I could probably start shopping around and find about 10 awesome shirts that were Lord of the Rings themed. Especially if they had Elvish writing on them. I like this one though.

9) Edgar Allen Poe t-shirt. I just found this one randomly on Etsy. I like it! I think it's out of print though.

10) Alice in Wonderland t-shirt.

I could keep going! What about a Hunger Games t-shirt? Or a Shakespeare t-shirt? Or, just about a dozen other things? I think the real problem though, is that I don't actually dress like this. I rarely, if ever, wear t-shirts with designs on them. So, I see these on the internet, and the thought crosses my mind, "Oh, cool, I wish I had that," and then, wisely, perhaps, I decide not to buy it, so they don't sit in the back of my closet, unworn.


  1. I am in love with all these T-Shirts! I love the Alice in Wonderland and the Raven one!
    I would also love to own book themed T-shirts, but I know if I buy just one I'll end up buying all of the shirts and then be broke.
    my TTT

  2. I love that you did all t-shirts. I'm a sucker for a good t-shirt.

  3. Nice! I actually own the Storytellers shirt in pink--I got it as a gift one year and it's a great conversation starter.

    The shirt I REALLY want now is this silly one:
    She Blinded Me With Library Science

  4. Really nice designer T shirts love the ideas particularly I love Slytherin t shirt it was simply superb and the color is a bit rare color. Niceeeeeeeeeee T shirts.



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