Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top 10 Bookish Problems

This week's topic from The Broke and Bookish is Top 10 Bookish Problems.
Let's see!

10) Self-published authors - I have read some indie-published books that have been great. But there are so very many that aren't. So very many. And because indie authors are usually doing their own publicity and/or are new to the publishing, in my experience they can sometimes be pushy and unprofessional. As a book blogger and reviewer it makes for awkward moments all around when I get multiple e-mails from desperate self-published authors begging me to read and review books that I honestly can't find much positive to say about. Indie-authors! Don't be that guy!

9) Budget - The library I work for has (like many libraries) suffered from budget cuts, and I haven't been able to get books I'd like to have for our patrons. I do purchase books that I'm dying to read on my own, and then donate them to the library - but it's just not enough! It's tough when I know the perfect book to put in a patron's hands... and we don't have it.

8) Gift books - Friends and family will frequently think to themselves, "Ah! I bet I know what Madigan would like! A book!" So, I do get a lot of books as gifts. Which is much-appreciated and fine. The only problem here, is when gift-givers demand to know if I've read the book yet. Uh... it's in the queue! I'll get to it! Eventually. People who don't have professional obligations and piles of books waiting for review simply don't understand this.

7) E-books vs. Paper books - E-books are a wonderful space-saver. I switch back and forth between reading physical books and books on my iPhone or Nook. The problem here, is sometimes I'll read an e-book that is so great, I know I need a copy for my permanent collection, so then I have to buy it twice. Or, I read a paper book that I know I don't want to keep... and then I have to figure out what to do with it.

6) E-library books vs. E-purchased books - Purchasing e-books on my Nook is a dream. One click, and it's instantly there. Borrowing e-books from the library is a different matter. I download library books from Overdrive all the time - I'm sad that publishers don't always seem to trust or like libraries, and feel the need to put all this extra "friction" on acquiring e-books from the library. Using Overdrive is a bit like that old saying, "You never step in the same river twice." They are constantly switching up their website, or changing policies. I'm pretty computer savvy so it's not really a problem for me, but it is a hassle to have to explain the ever-changing ways of the Internet to my senior citizen patrons who ask for help at the library.

5) Space - About 5 years ago, I lost most of my books in a flood. Sadness! After that, I resolved to do better about not hoarding too many and limited myself to just one bookshelf, which worked pretty well for a while. Now, I'm afraid, I've got a couple of bookshelves, plus some built-ins and I'm starting to see piles of books on the floor. How big a space would be big enough? Hmm... that's a good question. If I think about it, I'm certain I could fill up a large space quickly. Which brings me to my next point...

4) Weeding - Well, generally this isn't a problem for me, as I like to go through and thin-out my collection of just about everything. I wouldn't say I live a spartan existence, but I do like to clear out clutter - including books. I guess my problem here is the continuous nature of weeding. I'm never really finished going through and organizing my book collection, as more books seem crop up out of nowhere. I wish I could feel like I was "done" weeding for a bit.

3) Book stumpers - This doesn't happen very often to me. But once in a blue moon, I'll remember a few points of the plot, maybe a hazy detail about the cover... and that's it. So frustrating! Even a key word or two from the title or half of an author's name would get me somewhere, but I draw a blank. Fortunately, I only run into a total stumper like this once or twice a year, but it is super frustrating when it happens.

2) Waiting for the sequel - I'm in the middle of quite a few series where the author has hit a slump. Or maybe they had something come up in their personal lives. Or who knows why - but that sequel isn't coming out soon, and so we all must wait. Get on it, authors! Write that sequel! Finish that series!

1) Too many books, not enough time! There's so many great things to read. I'm always in a constant backlog.


  1. I forget about books I have read so often. I see an author's name and can't remember what they wrote. I have the memory of a guppy. My reviews on my site and goodreads have helped to refresh my memories most of the time. Great list!

    1. Me too! Keeping a record of everything I read is soooo helpful!

  2. I hear you on number seven! I'm always hesitant to buy an e-book because for one, I don't like paying for something that I can't see or touch and two, I'm afraid I will love it and regret not buying the physical copy. The struggle is real!
    Thanks for stopping by my post!

  3. I'm totally with you on number 7! I usually buy an ebook because I don't want to spend as much or I wanted it right away, but then loved it so much I HAD to have it.

  4. I definitely enjoy e-books mainly because they don't take up space in my room- but if I really enjoy a book I've read on my Kindle I am guilty of buying a physical copy! Great list Madigan, here's my TTT if you would like to stop by :)

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