Sunday, March 29, 2009

Feltboard Fun

Most children's librarians have a few areas that they enjoy or specialize in more than others.  Some librarians are puppeteers, some are excellent at ferreting out free guest performers, some are handy with crafts.  Me, I'm a felt board kind of gal.

I'm a huge fan of Judy Sierra's wonderful book, The Flannel Board Storytelling Book.  The stories are easy and work well with young audiences.  The patterns are very, very easy to follow and turn out quite nicely.

Inspired by the cover, I decided to tackle The Enormous Turnip.  I'm rather pleased with it!  I did take a few liberties... I added the stripe to the turnip, as it just didn't look right to me without it.  I also added some spots on the dog, and stripes on the cat to make a proper orange tabby.  Gluing the pieces onto a black felt backing gives a nice almost stencil-like effect, I think.

But, oh, look at this!  Take away the turnip.  Add a nurse, and a piece of cheese, and now we have, The Farmer in the Dell!

I love that these little felt board characters can "star" in several different stories.  I'm thinking I may want to create a feltboard clock for the mouse, for Hickory Dickory Dock, and maybe one day I'll try to add a cow and other pieces for Hey Diddle, Diddle.

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