Friday, March 19, 2010

Kindle DX Update

A couple of months ago, I wrote a rather lengthy review of the Kindle DX.  While I'd initially been quite pleased with the e-reader, I was totally dismayed when the screen died on me.  

I've gone over it in my mind a hundred times.  What did I do?  How could the screen failure have been prevented?  I did place a few picture books on top of it once, but I can hardly imagine that the weight of those kids books could have killed it.  By my own admission, I did repeatedly poke at the screen, mostly by instinct, being so used to the touchscreen on my iPhone.  I did leave the Kindle on the floor once, which was pretty cold, so maybe the temperature change did it?  The fact is, I'll never really know why the screen died, but happily, the dead unit has been replaced, free of charge, by Amazon.

In my earlier review, I brought up lots and lots of things I like about the Kindle... and a number of minor quibbles with it, including the following observation:

I noticed that out of all of the famous authors featured on the screensavers, none of them were people of color.  I would have loved it if Langston Hughes, Phyllis Wheatley, or other authors had been featured alongside Oscar Wilde, Emily Dickinson and others.

When my new Kindle arrived, I saw that this point had been addressed.  A new screensaver of Ralph Ellison was the first thing that popped up once it was powered up!  I'm impressed that Amazon so quickly addressed this concern.

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