Sunday, July 25, 2010

Swag, beautiful swag

I have to admit, I was getting pretty worried. I shipped all the Advance Reader Copies I'd obtained at ALA this year, but when my package failed to arrive I started to get impatient. And then, nervous. What if it'd been lost in the mail? Or sent to the wrong address? What if I never saw all those lovely, lovely ARCs ever again? Happily, after some double-checking, it turns out it did get here all right. Here it is! My sweet, sweet haul from ALA Annual 2010. I promised myself I wouldn't go to hog-wild... but then, the box the shipping company provided still had so much room in it, I ended up going back for more. The books are (very roughly) arranged in order of publishing date.

I picked up a few book bags as well. Everyone was jealous of my Judy Moody bag. I never did manage to track down the much-coveted Vladimir Tod bag, or the cute Hello Kitty book bag.  I'm psyched to dig in and start reading all of these!


  1. Oh is that Alcatraz vs the Shattered lens?

  2. @doll No, it's The Knights of Crystallia, which I haven't read yet. I got it signed, and Brandon nearly recognized me, (I may have been to a few of his signings before... ahem.) But, I didn't try to introduce myself, because I am a very shy dork sometimes.

    @Sophie When I finish reading some, I'm sure I'll have a giveaway on my blog. You'll get first pick! I still owe you for putting that hard-to-get copy of Catching Fire in my hands!

  3. Oooo... pretty shiny books... :)



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