Friday, December 28, 2012

Picture books mini-review 24

Laundry Day
by Maurie J. Manning
Clarion Books
April 2012

This picture book is in a graphic novel format for very young readers. In a turn of the last century New York tenement, a Jewish boy tries to find the owner of a red scarf in his diverse neighborhood. There's a nearly wordless flow to the story, as he makes his way through alleys and across rooftops with agile grace and greets neighbors from Poland, Ireland, and Jamaica, among other places. The book is appended with a set of vocabulary words from many cultures.

I borrowed this book from the library.

Good News, Bad News
by Jeff Mack
Chronicle Books
July 3012

Compare this funny title to the classic Fortunately, Unfortunately by Remy Charlip. It's mostly wordless - kids will have to puzzle out the "good" news and "bad" news as it happens in the cartoon-like pictures. Rabbit and Mouse go on a picnic... but it rains... but they have an umbrella, etc. etc. Funny and clever.

I borrowed this book from the library.
Zayde Comes to Live
by Sheri Cooper Sinykin, illustrated by Kristina Swarner
Peachtree Publishers
October 2012

Stunning, sad and wonderful. Zayde comes to live at their house... but the unspoken truth is that it won't be for long. He's very ill - and this is a book about preparing a child for the idea that our elders won't be with us forever. The grandfather in the story is pictured with oxygen tubes in his nose. A moving story. I cried!

I borrowed this book from the library.
The Lonely Book
by Kate Bernheimer, illustrated by Chris Saban
Schwartz & Wade
April 2012

The life cycle of a library book! From much sought after "new" status, to regular old shelfer, to hidden gem... to forgotten, beat-up old book, this storybook gets a second chance at the library booksale, to go home with a little girl who cherishes the book, even though it's worn-out and dusty, with the final page ripped out. Watercolor and colored pencil illustrations have a softly smudged gentle quality.

I borrowed this book from the library.

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