Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hallowed review

by Cynthia Hand
January 2012

First line: "In the dream, there's sorrow."

Hallowed picks up where Unearthly left off, with Clara, Tucker and Christian ready to enter their senior year of high school in rural Jackson, Oregon. Thanks to Clara's angelic heritage, she's been having visions of a forest fire that she must rescue someone from. Clara's made her choice to be with country boy Tucker, even though it seems to go against the divine visions that are pushing her towards Christian instead. There's still plenty of tension in this love triangle, however. Clara's fulfilled all the requirements of her vision, but she's begun having new visions of a funeral - possibly Tucker's? In the meantime, Christian understands her flight and mind powers in only the way that another part-angel can.

Clara's best friend Angela, who also has angel blood, continues to press on with her research of everything about their angelic heritage. Clara's younger brother Jeffrey continues his very slow slide towards the "dark side."

Again, I disliked the heavy-handed "dark = bad" theme - when angels go against their mysterious and unknowable God, their wings turn darker, and truly evil villains are known as "Blackwings."

Clara starts to make more connections to the angel community and really comes to depend on them as her family is harassed by evil angel Samjeeza. I won't spoil the ending, but Clara is a really sweet person, and it's tough to see some of the emotionally wrenching drama she's put through. There are some big changes and plot twists that will affect the direction of things in the next novel, Boundless.

Compare to:
Angel Burn - L.A. Weatherly
Angelfire - Courtney Allison Moulton
Misfit - Jon Skovron

I borrowed this book from the library.

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