Sunday, April 19, 2009

Perfect for Earth Day

10 Things I Can Do to Help My World

Bold, die-cut pages printed on 100% recycled paper demonstrate easy things that youngsters can do to help better the planet. The eye-catching yellow cover is a definite attention grabber, and the die-cut light bulb on the front hints at the creatively arranged pages inside. Laid out in the simplest possible terms, the book gives empowering advice for the very youngest child. On one of my favorite spreads, a blue-lined "page" covered with child's doodlings says, "I use..." and on the reverse: "both sides of the paper." What child wouldn't feel virtuously pleased with themselves at being able to do that?

The only tip offered in the book that I had a quibble with was the suggestion to unplug your tv when you're not using it... I know if I did this I'd have to reboot my cable connection and reprogram my VCR, which would be a pretty big hassle. And I can't think of too many parents who'd be comfortable letting their young ones plug and unplug major appliances on a consistent basis (but maybe that's the point? People should be watching less tv anyway.)

Some of my other favorite tips included “plant seeds and help them grow” and “sort the recycling.” The final page features a night sky with a lift-the-flap revealing a colorful planet Earth with adorably blobby continents, “All because... I love my world.” The bright colors and shapes made me think of those other greats of moveable books, Ed Emberley and Lois Ehlert. Perfect for Earth Day or for any budding environmentalists out there.

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  1. Hi Madigan,
    Great reviews, plus I love the posts about your children's programs. I wonder how many more of us LAPL-ers are out there?



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