Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boys Over Flowers review

Boys Over Flowers
by Yoko Kamio

Viz Media

Tsukushi, a middle class student at an elite prep school, struggles to fit in until the F4 a.k.a. Flower Four, a popular gang of boys decide to "red flag" her locker thus marking her for social ostracization. Unable to request a school transfer, which would let down her family, Tsukushi is forced to make the best of things... but wait! Does one of the F4 have a secret crush on her? This book is unapologetically light-hearted and fun.

The name of the series is a play on words from a Japanese saying, which basically makes fun of people who go to ornamental flower gardens (a popular pasttime) and lacking sophistication or cultural taste, skip by all the sights and head directly to the food court. The word for boys in Japanese sounds similar to the word for food.

The plot does not move along too quickly, but the characters' emotional journey in this realistic fiction graphic novel is fun to follow.

I borrowed this book from the library.

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