Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mockingjay released today

Today's the day! Excited? I am.

Are you rooting for Team Gale or Team Peeta? I like Peeta better, but unfortunately, I don't think Katniss will choose him. There is, of course, a small contingent rooting for Team Katniss!

Aside from curling up and reading, are you doing any activities at your library?  I've got my Hunger Games Name: courtesy of Forever YA: Terless D. Hoppine.  Or for less teen-friendly activities, they've also got a list of Mockingjay-inspired drinks.  The Head Cardigan over at Cardigan Nation suggests creating a Mockingjay-themed word puzzle; I'm partial to the word searches, myself.


  1. Oh Madigan, I'm so bummed! Amazon mistakenly sent my copy of Mockingjay to Kentucky, so I've got to wait while UPS finds it and sends it over to me. They promise it will be there soon though... *sigh* Have fun reading your copy!

  2. Nooooo! That sounds tragic, Sophie.

    I thought about posting a picture of a whole cart of holds we had waiting ready to go at my new library, but they got snapped up before I got a chance to get my camera. Now, that's excitement!



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