Monday, August 30, 2010

Orangutans are Ticklish review

Orangutans are Ticklish: Fun Facts From an Animal Photographer

I was drawn to this book by the mischievous looking orangutan on the cover. Inside, there's a combination of wonderful close-up portraits of animals, a main text with interesting facts about each animal and tiny sidebars with comments from the photographer on how he managed to get the shot. The most dramatic of these side notes was about how the tiger got loose from it's handlers at one point, forcing Grubman to make a mad dash out of the room! Grubman's photos, which feature many animals' direct gaze to the camera, capture so much personality and expression and are truly what makes this book amazing for any animal lover. A wide variety of creatures including aardvarks, grizzly bears, giraffes, alligators, hippos and more, are mostly photographed framed against white or jewel-toned backgrounds, and in a few cases, shown with multiple photos side by side depicting their different moods. My favorite section was the jam-packed appendix which included tons of additional facts as well as few more photos. With an attractive layout featuring large, easy to read font, and relatively simple vocabulary, this book will be a pleasure for preschoolers and kindergarten
age children.

I borrowed this book from my local library.

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