Sunday, May 29, 2011

More New Books

Yay, more new books at the library this week. A lot of beginning readers, and more series middle-grade fiction. Let's take a look!

Barbie: I Can Be... A Ballerina - Christy Webster
Tangled: A Horse and a Hero - Daisy Alberto
Toy Story: Move Out - Apple Jordan
Ironman: Panther's Prey - D.R. Shealy
Marley: Farm Dog - Susan Hill
Splat the Cat Sings Flat - Chris Strathearn
Star Wars The Clone Wars: Boba Fett Jedi Hunter - Clare Hibbert
Secrets of a Lab Rat: Scab for Treasurer? - Trudi Trueit, illustrated by Jim Paillot
Dear America: The Diary of Amelia Martin, A Light in the Storm - Karen Hesse
Boxcar Children #127: Monkey Trouble - Gertrude Chandler Warner
Boxcar Children #126: The Clue in the Recycling Bin- Gertrude Chandler Warner
The Buddy Files: The Case of the Library Monster - Dori Hillestad Butler, illustrated by Jeremy Tugeau and Dan Crisp
The Faeries' Promise: Wishes and Wings - Kathleen Duey
The Sisters Eight: Rebecca's Rashness - Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Calvin Coconut: Hero of Hawaii - Graham Salisbury, illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers

Lots of popular series here. I wish television and movies didn't have such a grip on youngster's imagination, but they do devour novelizations of all of these franchises. Lots of commissioned writers here too... it looks like John Grogan and Rob Scotton are farming out their latest books to ghostwriters.

Scab for Treasurer has on its' cover one of my biggest, biggest pet peeves. It's the classic words-crossed-out title. What a nightmare. This does nothing but cause confusion to the public, who are now completely uncertain what the actual title is. This will be an easy sell to Dan Gutman fans, though, as it's the same illustrator as the My Weird School series.

Another beautiful looking Dear America book.

The redoubtable Boxcar Children! They never fail to please. These are kinda updated, although I'm surprised that monkey is holding a disposable camera as opposed to a digital camera. And the subject matter for Clue in the Recycling Bin is very current. It goes without saying that these are obviously ghostwritten, as I believe Gertrude Chandler Warner died decades ago.

The Buddy Files is a new series to me, but mysteries do very, very well at my library, so I'm glad to have it. I'll pitch it as the perfect thing for readers who aren't quite ready for Hank the Cowdog.

Fairies are always a sure bet. This is by the same author of the wonderful Unicorn's Secret books.

I had figured that the Sisters Eight series would be dead in the water, debuting as it did right before Octomom mania (and all of the subsequent backlash) hit. Yet, these circ semi-decently, so I figure why not, let's see if kids go for it.

My love for Calvin Coconut is so great, I'm not sure I have words for it. So happy to get my hands on this newest book in the series!

Would I have bought these for my own home library? Or as gifts for friends or family? Eh, probably not, but I'm confident that all of these will circulate well at the public library.

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