Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 Comment Challenge Round-up

Hurrah! It's MotherReader and Lee Wind's annual Comment Challenge! I've participated in years past and it's always fun... I feel like I'm a commenting champ these days, and it's hard to remember that I used to be so shy. I've always been impressed in year's past with folks who keep track of every comment during the challenge -- I decided to try and do the same this year. So, here's to enjoying book blogs old and new.

I started listing these, and the list just seemed unmanageable. So, to try to avoid a tragic case of tl;dr, I've divided this up (roughly) by categories.

The lovely sponsors of the 2012 Comment Challenge:
  1. MotherReader
  2. Lee Wind
Some of my favorites. These are my "go to" blogs. Love you guys!
  1. Oops, Wrong Cookie
  2. Small Review
  3. Abby the Librarian
  4. Stacked
  5. Forever Young Adult
  6. Charlotte's Library 
My new favorites! I've found some new people to follow.
  1. Teacher Ninja
  2. Storytime Secrets
  3. Beneath the Jacket
  4. Lisa is Busy Nerding 
The creators: writers, authors, poets, artists, illustrators, etc.
  1. Carol A. Bender
  2. Julie True Kingsley
  3. The Write Stuff
  4. Smiling Otis Studio
  5. Helena Juhasz Illustration
  6. Jessica Lawlor
  7. The Patient Dreamer
  8. Jen Klein
  9. Annie Cardi
  10. Think, Kid, Think
  11. Stacy Gray Illustration
  12. Reading on the F Train
  13. Lindsay Writes
  14. Sylvia Liu Land
  15. Redheaded Stepchild
  16. Book Aunt
  17. Swagger Writers
  18. Teaching Authors
  19. Heather Newman Illustrations
  20. John Rocco
  21. Rena J. Traxel
  22. A Journey Illustrated 
Teachers, educators, school media specialists and parents
  1. The Castle Library
  2. Polliwog on Safari
  3. A Teaching Life
  4. Teacher Dance
  5. Leaning Tower of Books
  6. Children's Lit Crossroads
  7. Chronicles of a Mountain Librarian
  8. Happy Birthday, Author!
  9. Writing on the Wall
  10. Ms. O Reads Books 
Miscellaneous awesomeness
  1. Geekery Converged
  2. Ari's Garden
  3. Jeff Directs
  4. Doggy Montessori 
Librarians and booksellers, a.k.a. "my people"
  1. The Happy Nappy Bookseller
  2. Books YA Love
  3. The Rogue Librarian
  4. Crazy Quilt Edi 
  5. A Random Hodgepodge of Bookishness 
Known and loved around the book blogosphere
  1. Breaking the Spine
  2. Parajunkee
  3. Greg Pincus at The Happy Accident
  4. Green Bean Teen Queen
  5. The Story Siren 
Amazing reviewers
  1. Book Sake
  2. i swim for oceans
  3. Not Another Book Blog
  4. Winged Reviews
  5. Reading Extensively
  6. My Words Ate Me
  7. Booking in Heels
  8. The Book Nut
  9. Library Chicken
  10. The Children's War
  11. Books Together
Booky bloggers
  1. Books, Biscuits & Tea
  2. Teresa's Reading Corner
  3. Mimi Valentine
  4. L'Amour Books
  5. Melanie's Musing
  6. Mug of Moxie
  7. Opening Lines
  8. Makeshift Bookmark
  9. A Beautiful Madness
  10. Reading With Style
  11. She Is Too Fond of Books
  12. Even in Australia
  13. The Screaming Nitpicker
  14. Bibliophile by the Sea
  15. Books are Vital
  16. Y.A. Love
  17. Turn the Page
  18. Five Alarm Book Reviews
  19. Dazzling Reads
  20. A Cupcake and a Latte
  21. Some Like it Paranormal
  22. We Need Reads
  23. Shabby Reading
  24. Lady Book Stuff
  25. Reading for a Living
  26. YA Bookie Monster
  27. Fictional Distraction
  28. Coma Calm
  29. Bibliosaurus Text
  30. Muggle Born
  31. See It or Read It 
Itty Bitty Baby Bloggers (aka, Brand Spankin' New!)
  1. Unpacking the Power of Picture Books
Altogether, that's 101 blogs commented on! It's actually a lot more than 101 comments... because for many of these blogs, I left more than one comment. It's been great, starting some interesting conversations with a lot of these bloggers. I say it all the time: sometimes I wish the Comment Challenge was year-round. It's definitely more effort, but like most things, you get out of it what you put into it, and I've taken the chance to "meet" some really cool people this go around. And hopefully, we'll continue keeping tabs on each other. So, don't be a stranger, and keep the comments (and conversations) flowing, throughout the rest of the year!


  1. Aww, I actually made an excited little squeak when I saw Booking in Heels on there! I'm flattered you think I'm an amazing reviewer!

    Thanks for the list as well - I'm off to start visiting all the blogs you mentioned that I've never heard of :)

  2. Great list. I'll stop by some of them and say hello!

  3. Thanks, Madigan! I'm a fan of your blog too.

    And thanks for the list in general--I'll go visiting now....



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