Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Snowing review

It's Snowing
by Gail Gibbons
Holiday House
August 2011

It's Snowing is another triumph from reknowned non-fiction picture book author Gail Gibbons, certain to be an instant classic. This volume covers everything one could ever want to know about snow in a very basic and accessible way. With clear, colorful watercolor illustrations, Gibbons takes us through the condensation cycle. Maps of where snow falls around the globe are followed by close-up pictures of snow on each continent. I especially enjoyed the several pages that talk about the difference between flurries, sleet, snowstorms and blizzards. How communities deal with snowstorms, as well as various kinds of snow-related sports including skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and snowshoeing are shared. The book is appended with advice on how to stay warm in the snow, as well as snow-related trivia. The genius of the book is that it is so simple and yet so comprehensive, on a subject that many adults might find self-explanatory, but young children will find fascinating. Highly recommended for all elementary science collections, this is a fine addition to Gibbons' amazing body of work.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.


  1. I recently read my first Gail Gibbons and it's easy to see why she is the queen of nonfiction for young people! The cover is adorable and I love the diversity.

    I am always torn on snow books for my kids. On one hand I want them to know about snow which we rarely get, buy on the other I don't want them to like it enough that they want to go to Canada in the winter. No shoveling for me, thanks!

  2. Yeah, I'm not a fan of snow, either! Gibbons did a great job on this one though.



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