Monday, March 7, 2011

Seuss Cake

Maybe in belated celebration of Dr. Seuss Day, Cakewrecks has featured with their "Sunday Sweets" a selection of scrumptious looking Dr. Seuss inspired cakes. Do check it out!

This reminds
me of one of my favorite cakes I ever made for my younger sister's birthday. We had baked a cake, and unfortunately, it came out all wrong. It was a bit lopsided, and burnt on one end, and once we'd cut away the burned portions of the cake, it was even MORE lopsided. As you can imagine, everyone in the family was in a panic. There were plans afoot to try and fill the lopsided portions with extra icing as to hide the spectacular failure of this cake, but in a stroke of inspired genius, I insisted on taking over the decorating project myself. After setting the cake at it's most jaunty angle, I mixed up some food coloring, making the cake yellow, and then applied bright purple polka-dots. The finished cake looked EXACTLY like something straight out of Dr. Seuss. Triumph, snatched from the jaws of defeat!


  1. That cake is awesome! Almost too cool to eat!

  2. I know, isn't it too cool? I love how it's got different stories represented on it... like the ham from Green Eggs and Ham, and the Lorax and the hat from Cat in the Hat.



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