Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Word Nails

Aren't these cool? I totally want to do this. It's like decoupage... for your nails! Full instructions on how it was done are here. This example is done in news print, but your imagination is the only limit of what you could do. You could choose any image, or what about a reversed white print on black background? I bet that would look awesome. The only part of the instructions that I might change is that I would recommend putting on a coat of clear nailpolish first, as I'm pretty sure applying the paper directly to your nails, and then lacquering it on will leave your nails looking janky and weird when you finally decide to take  it off.

(Thanks, Foxy Grandpa, for the link.)


  1. This is so neat! Too bad my fingernails aren't big enough for the Sunday comics. Or...too bad the Sunday comics aren't small enough for my finger nails.

  2. Eh... you could miniaturize and print 'em out small... but I don't think it would pack the same punch as these wordy fingernails.



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