Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cheesy but fun

Have I Got a Book for You!
by Melanie Watt
Kids Can Press

Now here is a book that sells itself!  No, literally, it really does.  Al Foxword is such a slick salesman, he can sell a refrigerator to a penguin, an umbrella to a fish, a dirt-buster vacuum to a mole... but that's not his mission today.  No, today he is ready to sell YOU his book.  In a fast-paced, silly patter that will be familiar to anyone who's ever stayed up late and seen one of those late-night infomercial, Al treats readers to a good-natured, persistent, hard-sell.   The loveable, plaid-wearing Al continually sweetens the pot -- one book sounds pretty good?  What about TWO books?  Purchase now, get a FREE bookmark!  How about 747 books!  What'll you do with 747 copies of the same book?  Why, it's the book fort you've always dreamed of!!! (duct tape not included.)

When all else fails, Al's got a surefire trick to get his book sold. "You break it, you bought it!" with a realistic looking die-cut "ripped" page at the end.

I read this at a toddler storytime, and it was a little over their heads.  The parents were nodding and smiling, though.  I think older kids, especially those with a budding skepticism of commercialism will enjoy this offering.  Put this in the hands of kids who've been bugging you for every last thing they've seen on TV and see if the message sinks in.

I borrowed this book from the library.

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