Monday, April 5, 2010

Taming the TBR list

Earlier this year, I promised myself that I'd give myself until March to get "caught up" on my "to be read" list. Whenever I stumble across something that sounds good, I add it to my list. And, as a librarian I stumble across interesting sounding things ALL the time. Last year I did quite a bit of reading... but there was even more that I didn't get to. Sad to say, there just isn't enough to time to read them all. So, I'm culling the list. Here are some titles that I don't believe I'll have a chance to get to. So, what do you say, people? Are there any that I should absolutely not miss and add back?

Abrahams, Peter - Reality Check 
Adoff, Jaime - Small Fry 
Allison, Jennifer - Gilda Joyce Psychic Investigator 
Arnosky, Jim - Pirates of Crocodile Swamp 
Avi - Seer of Shadows 
Barkley, Brad - Jars of Glass 
Baskin, Nora Raleigh - Anything but Typical 
Beckett, Bernard - Genesis 
Birdsall, Jeanne - The Penderwicks on Gardham Street 
Blundell, Judy - What I Saw and How I Lied 
Bosch, Psedonymous - The Name of This Book is Secret 
Bradley, Alex - 24 Girls in 7 Days 
Bradley, C. Alan - Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie 
Brian, Kate - Fake Boyfriend 
Broach, Elise - Masterpiece 
Bunce, Elizabeth C. - A Curse as Dark as Gold 
Burd, Nick - Vast Fields of Ordinary 
Calame, Don - Swim the Fly 
Catanese, P. W. - Happenstance Found 
Cochrane, Mick - Girl Who Threw Butterflies 
Cornish, D.M. - Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling 
Cowley, Joy - Snake & Lizard 
Cresswell, Helen - Ordinary Jack 
Crutcher, Chris - Angry Management 
Crutcher, Chris - Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes 
Dean, Claire - Girlwood 
Dessen, Sarah - Along for the Ride 
Dionne, Erin - Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies 
Downham, Jenny - Before I Die 
Efaw, Amy - After 
Feiffer, Kate - Problem with the Puddles 
Fletcher, Christine - Ten Cents a Dance  
Forman, Gayle - If I Stay 
Freitas, Donna - Possibilities of Sainthood 
Freymann-Weyr, Garret - After the Moment 
Gallagher, Kelly - Readicide 
Gardner, Sally - Magical Kids: The Smallest Girl Ever 
Giff, Patricia Reilly - Wild Girl 
Griffin, Paul - The Orange Houses 
Haig, Matt - Samuel Blink and the Forbidden Forest  
Hannigan, Katherine - Emmaline and the Bunny 
Harper, Jessica - Underpants on my Head 
Headly, Justina Chen - North of Beautiful 
Henry, April - Torched 
Hiaasen, Carl - Scat 
Hollyer, Belinda - Secrets, Lies and My Sister Kate 
Hostetter, Joyce Moyer - Comfort 
Ibbotson, Eva - Dragonfly Pool 
Ives, David - Voss: How I Come to America and am Hero, Mostly 
Kandel, Charlotte - The Scarlet Stockings 
Kelly, Katy - Melonhead 
King, Daren - Sensible Hare and the Case of Carrots 
Knowles, Jo - Jumping Off Swings 
Korman, Gordon - Pop 
La Fevers, R. L. - Theodosia and the Staff of Isiris 
LaFleur, Suzanne M. - Love, Aubrey 
Landy, Derek - Skulduggery Pleasant 
Le Guin, Ursula - Powers 
Le Guin, Ursula - Voices 
Leal, Ann Haywood - Also Known as Harper 
Levine, Kristin - The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had 
Levithan, David - Love is the Higher Law 
Lockhart, E. - The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks  
Lytton, Deborah - Jane in Bloom 
Mackler, Carolyn - The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things  
Mackler, Carolyn -Vegan Virgin Valentine 
Magoon, Kekla - The Rock and the River 
Mangum, Lisa - Hourglass Door 
Marchetta, Melina - Jellicoe Road 
Marcus, Leonard S. - Minders of Make Believe 
Marino, Nan - Neil Armstrong Is My Uncle & Other Lies Muscle Man McGinty Told Me 
Matthews, Andrew - Way of the Warrior 
McDonald, Abby - Sophomore Switch 
McKay, Hilary - Saffy's Angel 
Mills, Claudia - How Oliver Olson Changed the World 
Mitchard, Jacqueline - Look Both Ways 
Mitchard, Jacqueline - Midnight Twins 
Moers, Walter - Wild Ride Through the Night 
Moriarty, Jaclyn - The Spellbook of Listen Taylor 
Murdock, Catherine Gilbert - Princess Ben 
Myers, Edward - Storyteller 
Napoli, Donna Jo - The Smile 
Ness, Patrick - The Knife of Never Letting Go 
Ockler, Sarah - Twenty Boy Summer 
Osborne, Linda Barrett - Traveling the Freedom Road 
Parry, Rosanne - Heart of a Shepherd 
Perkins, Mitali - Secret Keeper 
Platt, Randall - Hellie Jondoe 
Portman, Frank - King Dork 
Quigley, Sarah - tmi 
Rubens, Michael - Sheriff of Yrnameer 
Rune, Michael - Genesis Alpha 
Ryan, Amy Kathleen - Vibes 
Scalzi, Jon - Zoe's Tale 
Scott, Elizabeth - Love You Hate You Miss You 
Seth, Vikram - Golden Gate 
Shusterman, Neal - Antsy Does Time 
Shusterman, Neal - Full Tilt 
Slayton, Fran Cannon - When the Whistle Blows 
Sleator, William - Test 
Smith, Sherri L. - Flygirl 
Sorrells, Walter - Erratum 
Spradlin, Michael - Youngest Templar: The Keeper of the Grail 
Stead, Rebecca - When You Reach Me 
Stewart, Trenton Lee - Mysterious Benedict and the Perilous Journey 
Stork, Francisco X. - Marcelo in the Real World 
Tan, Shaun - Tales from Outer Suburbia 
Taylor-Butler, Christine - Sacred Mountain: Everest 
Wall, Carolyn - Sweeping Up Glass 
Weiss, Laura - Such a Pretty Girl 
Whitney, Kim Ablon - The Other Half of Life 
Williams-Garcia, Rita - Jumped 
Wilson, Martin - What They Always Tell Us 
Wilson, Nathan D. - 100 cupboards 
Wollman, Jessica - Tell Me Who 
Woodson, Jacqueline - Feathers 
Woodson, Jacqueline - Locomotion 
Woodson, Jacqueline - Peace, Locomotion 
Yang, Gene Luan - The Eternal Smile 
Zarr, Sara - Story of a Girl


  1. If you just read one, read Marcelo in the Real World. I also liked Princess Ben, Reality Check, and I also LOVED 100 Cupboards.

    There are a lot of those, though, that are also on my TBR list.

    Hope that helped.

    -Sophie L.

  2. Agh! Say no more. It's hard enough to admit to myself that I can't read EVERYTHING. My resolve has already been tested enough just compiling this list... That's it! I'm putting all of those you mentioned right back on my "must get around to reading sometime" list.

  3. No rush, really.... except that the 100 Cupboards series is already on book three.... :)

    -Sophie L.

  4. I know it! It's another one of those books that in the blink of an eye, it seems, I turn around, and now it's a whole series! Makes picking up the first one even more intimidating.



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