Saturday, April 3, 2010

How heartwarming!

It's always nice when people say nice things about you... or when you have the opportunity to say nice things about them!

Art teacher Katrina Alexy mentioned the children's art display we coordinated for the library recently in the Pilgrim School on-line newsletter.

It's mission time in 4th grade, which means that every 4th grader is assigned a California Mission to study. The 4th graders have been working hard on their observational skills creating unique pastels that focus on one aspect of their mission's architecture. Some students chose the bell towers to focus on, while others chose a fountain and courtyard all while employing their knowledge of pastel mixing, blending, and texturizing. These will go on display at the Silver Lake Library in April, but will first be displayed at Pilgrim. Madigan McGillicuddy, the Children's Librarian, tells me that “everyone in the community has been enjoying the art your students have shared in the Library... we get lots of compliments on their pieces all the time.” I am so proud of our students!

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