Monday, April 11, 2011

Internets are awesome

I've been running across so much awesome stuff on the internet this week, I've just gotta share!

Check out the snarky goodness at Better Book Titles.

I'm sure I'm the last person in the world to discover this, but famed YA author John Green's YouTube channel is made of win. He and his brother Hank are hilarious. Go Nerdfighters! Also, while you're there, check out Jackson Pearce's YouTube channel: bonus points for being smart and funny and photogenic.

Hurrah, it's a mash-up of two of my favorite things: Jane Austen and Harry Potter. While you're at it, check out this amazing HP-themed marriage proposal.

I may be deliriously unmusical, but I still appreciate this: What if your favorite album was a book? Purple Rain is my favorite!

This video almost makes me wish I lived in New York.

Dream of books in this cozy book bed.

Nom, nom, nom. Book cupcake.

Amazing embroidered book covers!


  1. The internet is powerful, alluring, and an addictive time-suck of which I'm constantly hooked up to.

  2. I don't know what I would do without the internet. It's definitely a way to lose time and forget to eat occasionally while not really doing anything.

  3. Truer words were never spoken. I think Twitter is the biggest time-sink of them all.



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