Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's NOT in my Mailbox

This past month at ALA Annual, I had the opportunity to snag a number of ARCs... but there were just as many books, tantalizingly out of reach, that I didn't get copies of.

I snapped some photos on the exhibition floor of books that I want to add to my TBR list.

Sass and Serendipity
by Jennifer Ziegler
Delacorte Press
July 2011

A contemporary story about two very different sisters with a nod to Jane Austen. There are so many Austen-inspired books these days, it really could qualify as its own genre.

Siren's Storm
by Lisa Papademtriou
Alfred A. Knopf for Young Readers
July 2011

Yay! Looks like a murder mystery mermaid book.

The Other Countess
by Eve Edwards
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
July 2011

A historical fiction novel set in Queen Elizabeth's time.

by Elizabeth Miles
Simon Pulse
August 2011

A paranormal loosely based on Greek mythology. Wow, I love the cover. What I wouldn't do for hair like that. Early reviews are lukewarm, but I don't care, I still want to find out what this book is all about!

Blood Wounds
by Susan Beth Pfeffer
Harcourt Children's Books
September 2011

The author of Life as We Knew It makes the apocalypse personal in this story about a girl who is coping with the fact that her estranged father has murdered her stepmother... and may be coming for her and her mother next.

The Name of the Star
by Maureen Johnson
September 2011

A whole new paranormal series, which draws on the legend of London's Jack the Ripper.

Don't Expect Magic
by Kathy McCullough
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
November 2011

A girl discovers she's a fairy godmother. I love this premise... seeing things from the fairy godmother's side. I'm pretty sure it's set in current day.


  1. They all look so good! I especially love the cover of Don't Expect Magic. Check out my IMM!

  2. I want to read most of those too. I don't know if you read e-books, but Fury is available through Galley Grab and The Name of the Star is on NetGalley.

  3. Lucky!! I want to read The Name of the Star soo much.
    My IMM

  4. Yes! I want a lot of these too. Thanks for visiting my blog. Always nice to hear from a fellow librarian...

  5. These definitely look like some interesting books! Out of all of these I'd most want to pick up The Other Countess.

  6. They all look like potentially great reads...Don't Expect Magic looks like something I would love to read.

    The Other Countess also looks like a read I could devour. Oh who am I kidding, they all look like they would be worth my time. Definitely adding some of these to my "I want to read these" mound.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Book 'Em IMM

  7. Thanks for the tip, Smalls! I will definitely have to check that out! :D

  8. I love this concept of posting up a few things you wish you'd grabbed. Many of those are already on my wishlist and look fantastic! Thanks for sharing them with us!



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