Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tintin trailer

Here's a new trailer for the upcoming Tintin movie. Interestingly, I'm not seeing a huge surge in requests for the Tintin books at the library. With the latest Harry Potter movie, we couldn't keep things on the shelf. I thought that Mr. Popper's Penguins would get a huge shot in the arm when the movie came out recently, but that didn't happen either. Still, I'm rooting for Tintin, I liked those books when I was younger.


  1. Me, too! I grew up with Tintin books, and I'm excited for the film. But I don't think they're very well known or popular here in the 'States. Most kids and parents I talk to have never heard of them.

  2. P.S. Your featured trailer is "Hugo", not Tintin.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up! I dunno what happened there, but I can't find the original Tintin trailer I'd linked. Here's another one, w/ French subtitles.
    I first read Tintin in French, which amazes me, as I certainly don't remember a word of French now.



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