Monday, February 7, 2011

Alex Flinn signing

I'm looking forward to this event. Alex Flinn, author of Beastly, Cloaked and several other YA fantasy books, is coming to The Little Shop of Stories in Decatur at 7:00 pm on February 11. I recommend these books all the time to teens who enjoy fairy-tale re-tellings. I predict the popularity of this series will go off the charts at the library once the movie version of Beastly is released next month. What do you think of the new book cover? I don't know if I like it... in my experience, movie covers never seem to circulate as well at the library.


  1. FUN! I wish I could go to this, I love Flinn's books. And I'm always a fan of the original covers more than the movie covers, especially when the movies don't always accurately portray the characters. Have fun at the signing!

  2. I much prefer the original cover! The second one just doesn't really seem to encompass the actual novel.
    I wish I could go to the signing, Beastly was great!

  3. I like the original cover so much more. I never buy the movie cover if I can help it.

    Somer @ A Bird's Eye Review

  4. Once in a blue moon, there's a movie cover that's decent... but usually the original is just so much better.

  5. I've never tried any of Flinn's books....sigh. Too little time, but someday I will. However, I find that book cover very scary, and not something I really want in the house....



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