Saturday, February 5, 2011

Socksquatch review

by Frank W. Dormer
Henry Holt & Co.
October 2010

This is a short and silly book, featuring a varied cast of monsters.  Furry, orange Socksquatch is missing a sock, and lumbers about a medieval style castle asking everyone he knows if they have a sock they can spare.  Simple, mostly two word sentences give the feel of the monsters' monosyllabic attempts at communication.  "Got sock?" bellows Socksquatch.  "Foot cold," he explains.  Wayne the wolfman's foot is only covered in fur.  Frank the monster is willing to share, but his socks are too big, causing a temper tantrum from Socksquatch.  "Aaaaaaaaaaa!" he wails, as he continues his search.  He finally commandeers a sock from an innocent damsel, blissfully content with his new comfy sock, and unaware that his original sock is now unraveling...

Socksquatch is a debut picture book from Dormer, who has also illustrated the Aggie and Ben beginning reader series by Lori Ries. The watercolor and ink illustrations with plenty of white space and just a few lines to suggest the setting give this book a clean, spare presentation perfectly in tune with the simple declarative sentences. The lime colored end pages feature line drawings of every kind of imaginable sock: tiny, polka-dotted, striped, long, elf-like, fluffy, there's even an elephant sock and a snail sock as well as an emergency ambulance sock. A quirky sense of humor throughout makes this a not-too-scary monster story appropriate for ages 3-5.

I borrowed this book from the library.

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