Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Knitting and blogs...

Veteran blogger Liz Burns once famously said about blogging, "When people say, 'Where do you find the time?' my half-serious, half-joking answer is, 'I don't knit' - meaning I don't have a hobby like knitting or scrapbooking; instead, I blog."

Balderdash, I say! Like peanut butter and chocolate, knitting and book blogging are two great tastes that go great together.

Here's my round-up of crafty book bloggers:

The Head Cardigan at Cardigan Nation alternates posts between book reviews, news items of interest to YA librarians and deliciously cozy and stylish cardigan recommendations. What could be better?

Alea at Pop-Culture Junkie alternates posts between cover critiques and her astounding array of knitting projects. Don't miss her "Weekly Dose of Crafts" entries, sure to provoke envy and admiration of her knitting skills.

Do check out Knitting Letters: A to Z, chronicling a woman's quest to knit the entire alphabet. It's not updated very often, but when you see how much work goes into a single post, you'll see why. The gorgeous photos of works in progress alone make it worthwhile. However, each entry delves off into language, geography and history, and has a meticulously footnoted bibliography, making it all the more impressive. 
She's already made it all the way to the letter U.  Check ou her blog, and soon you'll be cheering for her, just like I am, "Keep it up! Only 5 more letters to go!"

Sad to say, this last one looks like a dead blog, as it hasn't been updated in ages, but it is swoonworthy, all the same. It's called Children's Lit 'n Knit, and it's put together by Shelly. Just as one might expect, each entry pairs a children's picture book classic with some knitting or crocheting projects. Cute knitted giraffes to go with A Giraffe and a Half by Shel Silverstein. Swoon! Adorable little crocheted dolls based on Ladybug Girl by Jackie Davis and David Soman. Swoon, swoon! A sweet, fluffy, felted white terrier based on Good Boy, Fergus by David Shannon. Landsakes, I could nearly die from the wonder of it all. Please, Shelly, come back! Myself (and most of the kidlit blogging world, I suspect) are hungry for more of these marvelous knitting and book match-ups.

Have I
missed any knitting/book blogs? Let me know in the comments.

photocredit: knit cover book

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