Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm off!

This weekend I'm off to Athens, GA to convene with my fellow wizards meet with my fellow committee members where we will hash out which picturebooks will be honored with the Georgia Book Award this year.

I'm looking forward to it! As a children's librarian, I do read a fair amount of picture books every year - usually in the hundreds. It's going to be fun to meet with other teachers and librarians, folks whose bread and butter is children's literature, to discuss which were our favorites. I know being on the committee has afforded me the chance to read quite a number of books that I might have otherwise overlooked, and has already changed the way I think about picture books - picture book biographies, especially.


  1. Oh how fun! Have a fabulous time, it's always fun to meet with other people who love books as much as we do:)

  2. I have a feeling it's going to be awesome! They're putting me up in a hotel, and everything.



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