Friday, April 19, 2013

Rocket feltboard

Forgive the poor picture quality - I snapped this on my cell phone, and for some reason the moon looks very bright! I just have a quick little rhyme that goes with this one:

I'm a little rocket, pointing to the moon!
5, 4, 3, 2, 1... blast off, zoom!

I read the following books:

Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit – Chris Van Dusen
You Can’t Eat a Princess! – Gillian Rogerson
Mooncake – Frank Asch
The Birth of the Moon – Coby Hol
Brave Spaceboy – Dana Kessimakas Smith

The funniest moment in this storytime, I had two little girls sitting in front, who began arguing among themselves while I was reading Mooncake by Frank Asch.
"The moon is made of cheese," nodded one girl.
"No! You're wrong! The moon is made of air," her friend whisper-shouted back.

I had to stop reading, and tell them, "Ladies! You are both wrong! The moon is made of rocks. Now, can we settle down and find out what Bear thinks the moon is made out of?" It was very hard to keep a straight face, let me tell you.



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