Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When it's time to weed

I think I just failed my sanity check a bit, looking at this pile of weeded items from my library.

That Biblical Costumes book dates from 1953, and hasn't been checked out by anybody in about a decade. 

Do you remember when we were going to get rid of standard measurements and start using the metric system? Yeah. That kinda never happened. This 1974 title is full of earnest exhortations for students to brush up on the metric system, right now, before they're left behind!

Telephone Time has some good tips in it - especially about not giving out your full name or address out to folks who randomly call you. But! It was written in a time before cell phones. And before call waiting and answering machines, too!

And this last one. Wow. I don't even. The quotation marks around "retarded" just makes it extra hilarious, at least to me.


  1. I am all astonishment that you're weeding these books out of the library--you mean these titles aren't completely relevant to young people today? ;)

  2. Yes. Surely, we'll be deluged with requests for these within a day or two. That's the way it works, isn't it??



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