Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hobbit Trailer

I'm so excited for The Hobbit! I'm a little surprised that they've split it up into two films, but this looks very promising, eh?


  1. Two films? What? Are you sure? Ohhhhh no.

    The trailer looks wonderful but I HATE this stupid, stupid trend of making one book into two films just to make money. I can understand them doing it to Deathly Hallows but when it worked and people still paid to go and see it, all the other producers jumped on the band-wagon - Mockingjay will be two films, Breaking Dawn and now this?

    If each of the LotR books can be ONE film, I'm pretty sure The Hobbit can too!!!

    Uhh. Sorry for the ranty essay... But it really annoys me!

  2. Yup, yup. Looks like the first movie will be "there" and the second movie will be "back again"
    (A little Hobbit joke, for the fans out there)



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