Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pretty Bad Things review

Pretty Bad Things
C.J. Skuse
The Chicken House
July 2011

In a story that hints of Hansel and Gretel, twins Paisley and Beau Argent explain in alternating chapters how they came to be on a candy-strewn crime spree. After the death of their mother when they were six-years old, they were dubbed the "Wonder Twins" during the dramatic rescue which captured the interest of the nation. Now, foul-mouthed, impetuous, sarcastic sixteen-year old Pais is the perfect foil to her shy, obedient twin brother Beau. Their father has been in jail after stealing to support the family. Their greedy custodial grandmother is after the fortune the twins have amassed with their acting careers. Following a few clues in letters their grandmother has hidden from them, the twins head to Las Vegas to find their father. When the trail runs cold, Paisley decides to get her father's attention the only way she knows how - by coming up with a creative way to land herself in the spotlight again. She pressures Beau into committing a series of signature hold-ups. Dressed in black and white, they hit candy shops, taking no money, just leaving the message, "Tell Buddy we love him" along with a Wonder Twins sticker. As a media-induced frenzy whips up new legends around the twins, over-the-top fan clubs for the whimsical bandits spring up, leading things to a surprising conclusion. This fast-paced, humorous, quirky novel will appeal to older teens.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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