Monday, January 24, 2011

Bloggiesta Wrap-up

I got to a rarin' start this go around for Bloggiesta. While getting warmed up for it, I've been taking part in the Comments Challenge hosted by MotherReader and Lee Wind.  Ah, how I wish every month was Comments Challenge... I've had so many interesting folks stop by my blog, and I've discovered and reconnected with so many great people!

I had
been planning to completely redesign my blog this weekend... but a night of insomnia a couple of weeks ago, meant that I got that done much sooner than I'd planned. I like it! It's still a template, but a customized one, and similar enough to the way things looked before that I'm very happy with it. I was able to do a few things like make the text portion wider (blogs with a verrrry skinny space for posts, surrounded by a million ads, buttons, gadgets and widgets on either side are a total pet peeve of mine.)

Here's what
I got accomplished this weekend:

  • I finally got around to correcting a minor glitch - now redirects to, which simply means that readers won't get an error message anymore if they forget to type in the www. It wasn't that hard to do... once I spent a few hours figuring out how to get to the right "edit" screen. :\
  • I corrected some typos... quite a few of tiny things that had escaped my notice before.  I hate typos, so stamping out a few of them was very satisfying indeed.
  • I cleaned up some labels. I had a number of "orphan labels" where I only had one entry that applied. I consolidated quite a lot of those.  Goodbye, "librarians" label.
  • I added additional labels to a ton of posts that needed them.
  • Speaking of labels: I corrected something that has been bugging me for a while "newbery," "caldecott," and "printz" are now all capitalized.  Hurrah!
  • I had my blog analyzed by Website Grader - something from a past mini-challenge.  Really neat.  Apparently my blog has too many images? Interesting - I always feel like I don't have enough.
  • Updated my blog roll.  Removed a few blogs, added a few blogs. I like to mix it up.
  • As I mentioned earlier... I've been taking part in the Comments Challenge. I decided to step up my game and go for 10 comments a day, not just 5.
  • I'm still kind of stunned -- I can't believe I did it. I've got blog posts for the rest of January and most of February written and scheduled! Phew!
  • Best of all! I finally got my official review policy all polished up and posted! Check it out! I'm so happy with it.
I didn't keep track of how many hours I spend working my blog this weekend, but I can tell you this: "sleep" has consisted of 4-hour naps between midnight and 4:00 am, and I am thoroughly tuckered out!


  1. Go girl! That's incredible! I can't imagine having posts ready for the rest of January, but February too? Amazing :)

  2. I know! It feels completely weird. When I blogged 3x a week I usually liked to have one or two ready in advance, so I'd be working on next week's posts. Now that I'm blogging everyday, I feel better with a bigger buffer.

  3. Wow, well done Madigan! I can't believe you have reviews done almost all the way through February! *turns green with envy* That's nice you're so far ahead:) Glad you got so much accomplished!

  4. Great job! You definitely got A LOT done. Congratulations!

  5. How did Comment Challenge work out for you? Even if you didn't make the five-a-day goal, come by the Finish Line at



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